The J.C. Miller Antiques Story

Store_Image_Pic_SQUAREIf there were an Academy Award for “Best Canadian Antique Dealer” Jim Miller would have had many people to thank in his winning speech, starting with an old boss. He was barely out of high school when the fellow he worked for won the Irish Sweepstakes and hastily closed shop. This misfortune, coupled with the tragic death of his sister, sparked two philosophies that stayed with him through life:

First, I decided I would never again have a job where I was under another person’s control. Second, I pledged I would live my life with gusto, to have no regrets.

Jim “caught the bug” when he was six, buried knee-deep in mud digging up old bottles with his Uncle Stan. He cleaned up long before becoming a Canadian guru and legend in the world of fine antiques. Jim handled only the “best, original, unrestored” antiques, nostalgia even classic cars. His life was cut short by cancer in 2010, but the J.C. Miller Antiques story doesn’t end here…

Justin and Ethan are re-born versions of their dad. Their search for the most authentic, original and exceptional antiques has led them far beyond the borders of Canada. You may recognize them. They sold Paul Newman’s woody wagon on CBC’s Four Rooms for $250,000, and were recently chosen as guest appraisers on Storage Wars. The bottom line: no team is more connected, respected or knowledgeable in the Canadian antiques and vintage scene than this one.


We deal in what we like: great historical objects. Originality and authenticity are foremost. We look for pieces that “speak to us”, inspire us or tell an important story. In turn, we aim to spark the interest of future collectors and “curators”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to track down the greatest, highest-quality, fresh-to- the-market collections, make them highly marketable, and place them in the hands of the most qualified collectors.

Our Vision

To be Canada’s leading purveyor of high-quality, authentic antiques and vintage. Visit our eBay store (left) to see our complete inventory; we sell under the username “justdiscovered”.